Next co-host of "The View": Meghan McCain?

To cleanse the palate. I’m going to lay it on the line here: If this show ends up with Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Palin and Meggie Mac on the same panel, we’re going to have an open thread for it every day. Every. Day.

In fact, we may become a “View” blog entirely.

Meghan McCain is being considered by producers for one of the remaining co-host positions, a source exclusively tells E! News. Senator John McCain’s daughter is currently under contract as the host of Take Part Live on Pivot, and has made several appearances on the long-running ABC talk show…

A graduate of Columbia University, McCain, 29, is pretty liberal when it comes to social issues and has spoken out against some of the more traditionally conservative views of the Republican party. She’s an advocate for gay marriage and is pro-life.

The question remaining now is whether or not Rosie O’Donnell will approve as sources tell us that the returning host (it’s all but official) will have approval over any potential co-host that will join her and Whoopi Goldberg, the only returning host, at the table in Season 18.

If Rosie has veto power over the new hires then Alex Jones is the new frontrunner. Meanwhile, my pal Karl makes a good point: Between the McCain news and the rumors that Abby Huntsman (daughter of Jon) and Margaret Hoover (great-granddaughter of Herbert) are also being considered, apparently one prerequisite for Republican women at ABC these days is that they be descended from powerful Republican men. That’s an … interesting criterion for a show that’s allegedly about female independence and empowerment. Makes me wonder if Patti Davis won’t end up being the, ahem, “conservative” on the panel.

Here’s former “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck sounding enjoyably chilly towards the idea of Rosie returning to the show. That made Whoopi grumpy, which is also fun. Exit question: If only there was a young woman Republican who’s good on TV, really is conservative, and has some experience co-hosting “The View” whom the show could hire. Any suggestions?