Chris Christie: I have no opinion whatsoever on this Hobby Lobby decision

Via Business Insider, apparently this guy has now bought his own BS about potential “crossover” appeal in 2016 to the extent that he won’t even venture an opinion about a landmark Court ruling for fear of alienating women and liberals. Which is funny because there’s an easy squish position available to him that’ll satisfy both sides: Side with Hobby Lobby to make righties happy and then follow Bobby Jindal’s lead by saying that birth control should be available over the counter to make lefties happy. That protects you from the “war on women” crap while shoring up your social conservative bona fides for the primary. Instead, he’s yammering on about what executives are supposed to do when a court rules, as if he’s addressing a leadership seminar. Pro tip: The first step to bold leadership is forming an opinion and standing behind it, even when the politics are fraught.

He’ll make a fine attorney general for President Jeb, though, no?

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