Thad Cochran comes clean: I did all kinds of indecent things with animals as a kid

My favorite e-mail tip about this (there was more than one) was from a guy who claimed we’d surely feature the quote if Chris McDaniel had said it, notwithstanding that I dumped all over Cochran 48 hours ago for attacking McDaniel as an “extremist.” Evidently, for some, writing a post on this is the conservative litmus test du jour. Two words, my friends: Flying colors.

I know what you’re thinking when you hear the word “indecent” but that’s not what Cochran meant. I think. Uh, what did he mean?

Touting his strong ties to the area near Pine Bluff, which turned out heavily for McDaniel in the June 3 GOP primary, the 76 year-old Cochran said that he used to play in the countryside as a child…

He did “all kinds of indecent things with animals,” he said, according to the Hattiesburg American…

Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell downplayed Cochran’s comment about his youthful whimsies with animals.

“I’ll check with my political correctness department and get back to you,” he told The Daily Caller.

I like the idea that frowning upon “indecency” with animals is some sort of lame BS PC trap set by the left-wing media for plain-spoken Americans. Although, in fairness to the old guy, I think all he’s probably guilty of is using a dated colloquialism for things like cow-tipping. Which could be fun in its own right if he makes a habit of it. Some enterprising McDaniel fan should ask him how “gay” he was in his carefree younger years. “Oh, so gay. So very gay.” Election over.

In other “old memories from major candidates” news, Ben Carson writes in his new book about the time he “stabbed” a classmate as a teenager. And by “stabbed,” I mean stabbed.