It's come to this: Kay Hagan falsely accuses Republican opponent of ... supporting ObamaCare

This really is the logical endpoint of the last five years in the lives of America’s red-state Democrats. Remember: Hagan herself voted for ObamaCare, and since the law passed with 60 votes exactly, her vote can legitimately be described as decisive. She’s been running away from it — literally — ever since, and took care to be far away when Obama visited North Carolina in January. The albatross around her neck is choking her political life away. What can she do to save herself?

She can do this — try to convince voters that Republicans support ObamaCare too.

Andrew Stiles did the work on this so I’ll make you read his post for the full context of Thom Tillis’s “It’s a great idea” quote about O-Care. As for the ad, it works at two levels: The point is to accuse Tillis of hypocrisy in attacking her over something he allegedly “praised,” but the first time I listened to it I thought she was attacking him simply for calling O-Care “a great idea” in the first place. And no doubt that’s how many listeners will take it — and Team Hagan knows it, and is just fine with it. Essentially, she’s trying to maneuver Tillis around into being the pro-ObamaCare candidate so that she can posture as a quasi-anti one. Democrats promised us that O-Care would turn the world upside down, and so it has.

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