Video: The most epic "Wheel of Fortune" choke ever

To cleanse the palate, if you missed this over the weekend, make amends. I thought I’d already seen the most epic “Wheel of Fortune” choke ever but now I’m not sure. Is this one worse than this one? They’re different types of chokes. In the earlier one, the contestant simply brain-farted on “MAG_C _AND.” He’d heard of a “magic wand” before, surely, but I think he got stuck mentally on the sound of the second word. He was looking for words that rhyme with “and” and “wand” just didn’t fit the bill. It was a legit screw-up.

This one is trickier. I can’t tell if the guy has no idea who Achilles is or that he knows who he is but doesn’t know how to pronounce his name. (Knowing what a word means but not knowing how it’s pronounced is a surprisingly common problem, right, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?) When he chooses “C” for his final letter, it’s unclear if he picks it purely to complete the word “mythological” or because he knows it’s missing from “Achilles” too. Ideally you’d give the guy credit so long as he knows the definition of the word, not necessarily the pronunciation, but how do you go about finding that out in a game like this? What’s Sajak supposed to do, pause and ask the kid to describe in his own words who Achilles was?


A million dollars, guys. He had a million dollars riding on this. And as you’ll see if you have the patience to watch the entire clip, this wasn’t his only screw-up. He blew no fewer than three gimmes in the course of a single game. (“Dicespin”?) The “Achilles” miss is tragedy; three misses is comedy. Exit question: Is this worse than the most epic “Jeopardy” choke ever?