Lois Lerner 2013 e-mail: Maybe I can land an office job at Organizing For Action

Organizing For Action is, of course, the group founded by Team Obama in 2009 after he was sworn in to push his agenda while in office. It’s the successor to Obama For America, his 2008 campaign outfit. The first OFA got him elected, the second OFA is supposed to help get his policies through Congress.

Here’s who was running the scrupulously impartial IRS Exempt Organizations Division that targeted dozens of tea-party nonprofits for extra scrutiny.

Was she joking or wasn’t she?


That’s the juiciest bit released today by the House Ways and Means Committee, which voted — along party lines, natch — to send a criminal referral letter about Lerner’s IRS shenanigans to Eric Holder. They’ve also published a timeline of Lerner’s actions towards conservative groups based on the evidence gathered from their investigation. Note that she sent that e-mail about working for OFA just three weeks after she intervened in the review process to ask whether Crossroads GPS, an arm of Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, was being audited.

January 4, 2013:
Lerner Pressures Review Committee: Lerner inquires to the status of Crossroads, and finds that the group had not been selected for audit. She subsequently sent an email to the Director of Examinations in Dallas, TX, Nanette Downing, demanding to know why the group had not yet been audited. In her email to Downing, she notes that she wants all moves regarding Crossroads to be coordinated in DC. [See letter to DOJ]

That was done in the name of making sure that 501(c)(4) orgs weren’t spending impermissibly on political campaigns after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Oddly enough, though, only conservative 501(c)(4)s were of concern to Lerner; according to Ways and Means, she “turn[ed] a blind eye to similarly-organized liberal groups, like Priorities USA.” No wonder she thought of a job at OFA. She was working for O arguably as hard as they were.

Exit question: Think Eric Holder will prosecute her?