Good news: Bloomberg's gun-control group offering printable placemats for Thanksgiving dinner

More or less annoying than the Thanksgiving ObamaCare talking points from OFA? I’m going to say “more,” not because of the subject matter but because the thought of sitting down to eat after a lecture about health insurance only to find more leftist propaganda staring back at me might make me flip the table. Simple request for America’s O-bots this week: Choose. You can either encourage me to throw my money away on an ObamaCare plan I can’t afford or convince me to give up my gun because that’ll reduce the odds of another mass shooting by one one-hundred-millionth or whatever. Thanksgiving is a day for indulgence, but only within reason.

Click here for full size. Can a placemat do what a months-long White House campaign last winter couldn’t, my friends?


Question: Given that so many liberal activists have decided that Thursday is a day for Raising Awareness, is it worth shifting to a preemption strategy? All I want to do is watch football and eat but that kind of passivity might land me in the audience for some twentysomething cousin’s 45-minute meditation on how “if you like your plan” wasn’t technically a lie. Maybe the only solution is to prepare a list of topics and start running through it as soon as the guests’ coats are off. Baseball’s new instant-replay rule, the terribleness of “Homeland,” America’s awakening to the fact that Chinese-food cartons are supposed to be opened and used as plates — there’s no shortage of ways to play conversational keep-away from the earnest young liberal who read this awesome Ezra Klein post the other day about enrollment targets that he wants to tell you about. Be proactive. And take comfort in the fact that, come next Thanksgiving, lefties will be looking to play their own game of conversational keep-away.

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