Jackass supernova: Weiner and Lawrence O'Donnell battle for nearly 15 minutes

They’re well matched. One’s an obnoxious hard-left attention-seeker whom nobody likes, and the other’s Anthony Weiner.

Fifteen minutes is a lot to ask but trust me when I tell you that the second clip’s more enjoyable than the first. This is the most entertaining vid you’ll watch online today — with the possible exception of Weiner’s concession speech, which should go live sometime around 9 p.m. ET and which, with nothing left to lose, may finally see him drop all pretenses of candidate decorum. (Fingers crossed!) Ace thinks Scary Larry’s belligerence is being driven by Democratic servility to the Clintons, with O’Donnell doing his part to neutralize an “unhelpful” storyline regarding Her Majesty’s star aide before 2016. I don’t know. If you’re going to ceremonially banish a guy from public life, logically you’d want the banisher to be less of an insufferable jackhole than the banishee. Right? To get the audience to condone ritual shaming, you need them to identify with the shamer. Watch the clips and tell me: By the time this car crash is over, is there anyone who doesn’t like Weiner more than O’Donnell?

Even worse is that Weiner, because he’s quick on his feet and unpredictable, is better on TV than Larry is. Check him out at the start of clip two freezing O’Donnell in his tracks by asking why he has such a desperate need to be on television. Coming soon to MSNBC: “The Last Word with Anthony Weiner”?

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023