Video: National laughingstock sick and tired of you judgmental losers heckling him

Who the hell are you people to judge him, just because he’s … asking you to judge him fit to serve as mayor of New York?

I know Ed posted it in the Greenroom but Weiner’s at seven percent in the polls with the primary less than a week away, which means this is probably the last post we’ll ever write about him as a kinda sorta theoretically somewhat viable political candidate. Think of this clip as his swan song, the rousing finale to a glorious career — jabbing his finger in the face of a voter who’s calling him a “scumbag” and a “deviant.” Sinatra had “My Way,” Weiner has this. Advantage: Weiner.

The best part here? The triumphant “I don’t back down” at the end. This guy once dreamed of governing America’s most populous city, now he’s reduced to rhetorically fist-bumping himself for not letting some guy in a bakery heckle him without a response. Oh well. There’s always weatherman.

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