"We shall overcome": San Diegans rally ... in support of Bob Filner

Granted, it was only a few dozen people. Granted, the rally against Filner was bigger, and public opinion is running seven to one in favor of resignation.

Still, I feel the only solution now is nuking the city from orbit. Just to be sure.


Organizer and immigrant rights activist Enrique Morones said Filner backers would no longer stay silent.

“These joint community members of color, veterans, environmentalists, educators, women’s rights, gays, civil rights, labor, human rights, unions, neighborhoods, immigration and many more — we stand united in stopping the public mockery of our judicial system,” Morones said. “Due process for Mayor Filner and due process for the accusers.”…

Suzie Ditmars, of the Committee on the Status of Women, said she was “appalled” at the attacks on Filner and what she characterized as “pure vindictiveness” on the part of the mayor’s opponents.

Another woman who attended the rally held a sign that read “We Forgive.”

I can understand complaining that he’s innocent until proven guilty, even though that’s a criminal standard, not a standard for holding office. I’m having a harder time understanding the idea that we should let him slide once or twice, or 15 times, on sexual harassment.

But wait:

Singing “We Shall Overcome,” the group of Mayor Filner’s supporters gathered on the Civic Center Plaza at noon holding signs of “Cease Fire” and “Due Process.”…

“I have not been the recipient of sloppy kisses. And I have met Mr. Filner on many occasions,” said Maxine Sherard, PhD, a former candidate for state assembly. “He’s more than the sum total of one experience.”…

Former campaign volunteer Kathleen Harmon questioned the motivation behind the recall effort.

“What is the real reason,” asked Harmon. “Is it because he’s standing up for everybody, not just special interests?”


Who’s the bottom feeder in this food chain? The people who want to forgive a guy with more than a dozen accusations of misconduct against him? The people who “reason” that just because he didn’t harass literally every woman he met must mean he’s innocent of 15 charges? Or the people hinting that this is some sort of conspiracy against him because he stands for the powerless or whatever?

Look at it this way: Now, in more ways than one, Filner knows what it’s like to be Ted Kennedy. Click the image for video from BuzzFeed.


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