Good news from MSNBC: Susan Rice is "one of the most brilliant minds alive"

Obviously. She saw right through the stupidity of trying to blame the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video, didn’t she? Also, a simpler mind might have been troubled by what Rwandan president Paul Kagame has been doing in Congo over the past 10 years. Not Rice. She grasped the nuance.

Here’s Michael Eric Dyson, who claimed last week that Eric Holder’s a modern Moses because he’s “the chief lawgiver of the United States,” explaining Rice’s shining brilliance and also why MSNBC is in fourth place. Two things about him. One, which I kinda like: If you’re going to shill for the administration, really do it, you know? Whining about GOP “overreach” is tedious and unimaginative as a way of trying to change the subject; treating Susan Rice, Benghazi mouthpiece, as if she’s a Kennanesque colossus of foreign policy is unexpected and fun. Would you rather watch Dana Milbank or E.J. Dionne wheeze through a segment about how unreasonable Republicans are or watch Dyson try to fit a five-minute paean to the genius of Obama and everyone who surrounds him into 90 seconds? Two: He talks so fast, and sometimes so obviously beyond the point where he has anything left to say (he hits the wall here at around 1:07), that occasionally you feel like he’s giving you pure stream-of-consciousness. Is that what’s happening with Rice magically becoming one of Earth’s great geniuses, or Eric Holder descending from Mt. Sinai with America’s laws? Say this for the man — in a world of programmatic, carefully scripted talking heads, he’s quite willing to inch out on the rhetorical highwire without a net. Imagine the daring, acrobatic analogies that would emerge if MSNBC gave him some real airtime with which to expound.

Here’s the clip via NRO. If you missed Noah Rothman’s piece in Headlines comparing how the media covered the president’s loyalty pick of Condoleezza Rice nine years ago with how they covered the president’s loyalty pick of Susan Rice today, make amends.