New MSNBC promo: "We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents"

Via Legal Insurrection, between this and Krystal Ball’s Socratic dialogue with a five-year-old about gay marriage, evidently it was indoctrination weekend at MSNBC. The novelty here isn’t the sentiment, it’s the candor. Hillary made this same point more digestible for the public by ladling on warm-fuzzy sauce about a “village” raising a child together. (Similarly, don’t think of huge government programs as budget-busting liabilities. They’re Christmas presents!) Harris-Perry had 30 seconds to give her version of the same point; when you’re operating within those time constraints, there may be no way to make the pitch in terms less creepy than this. I almost want to congratulate her for throwing a word as clammy as “collective” in there. It shows a certain bravado.

Here’s your counterpoint, from 2011, on whether the U.S. is “investing” enough in education. Another half-trillion or so ought to turn things around, I think. No wonder Ron Paul’s getting into home-schooling.

Update: Apologies to John Sexton. He had the Harris-Perry video yesterday and linked to the same USC post I linked to above, but I honestly didn’t see his item at Breitbart until after I posted this.

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