Crisis over: Obama apologizes to California AG for saying that she's good-looking

I was worried we might reach the weekend without Obama fake-atoning for something he didn’t realize was a problem a day earlier, but now we can rest easy and look forward to the next “crisis.” Kamala Harris is ambitious and beloved by liberals; if Feinstein retires, she’s a strong contender to replace her in the Senate. Assuming she does, how long will it be before Harry Reid inevitably makes a “who’s hotter” comment between her and Gillibrand? Over/under is two months.

Don’t close the book on this dumb story until you’ve read the Washington Free Beacon’s merry round-up of the feminist-in-chief’s greatest hits. And pay attention at the end here as Carney dances around the question of whether O’s remark was sexist. If it wasn’t, how come he never compliments male legislators on their looks? Good lord, John Thune’s been waiting for the presidential seal of approval for ages.

Exit quotation via … Rob Lowe?