Open thread: Man in charge of America's biggest city to discuss importance of regulating soda-pop portions at 5:30 ET; Update: Video added

The news is slow enough today that I’m guessing one or more of the cable news nets will carry his press conference/tantrum live at 5:30. Here’s your thread for commenting if you’re in front of a TV. He’s already vowed to appeal today’s decision because, incredible though it may sound, the outcome of this clusterfark will represent a key element in the legacy of a guy who became one of richest men in history and got himself elected mayor of New York three times. This is the hill he’s chosen to die on politically. Meditate on that fact while you wait.

I’m embedding a copy of the New York court’s decision below in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere. Skip to pages 27-28 for the key bit. The judge isn’t saying that NYC can’t do something idiotic and arbitrary; he’s saying that, if they want to do it, it has to be done democratically. Bloomberg can’t act unilaterally, through the Board of Health, to take preventive action against “chronic diseases” like obesity. If he wants to crack down on mocha frappuccinos, the City Council needs to pass something. Which, New York being a one-party town that answers to Bloomberg, normally wouldn’t be difficult except for the fact that, ironically, Bloomy’s made himself sufficiently ridiculous on this subject that he may have sparked a popular backlash. In fact, the City Council speaker — who’s a frontrunner to succeed him as mayor — has already expressed skepticism about it. That’s why he’s appealing. Even in a solidly Democratic city, he might not be able to get this thing passed.

Judge Halts Bloomberg Soda Ban by New York Post

Update: You can watch right here.