MSNBC: Um, we can't reach a conclusion about whether the Sandy Hook dad was "heckled" or not

Via Newsbusters, you’ve been in suspense since this morning about what MSNBC’s “review” of Neil Heslin’s testimony would turn up. Time now to solve the mystery. They had two options: Either double down on the “heckling” interpretation of what happened or admit error and retract find a way to “set the record straight” in the weaseliest, most irritating way possible. MSNBC chose the more ethical of the two. Yay for them.

To repeat a point made this morning, if you have a child in the house old enough to grasp the concept of “heckling,” I’m guessing he/she can give you a well-reasoned opinion about whether this qualifies within 10 seconds of viewing it. MSNBC, meanwhile, remains officially undecided. By the way — have you wondered how many other times during Heslin’s 15-minute-long testimony he was heckled by the allegedly roiling, brutish gun-rights monsters in the audience? Erik Wemple did too.

When you’re done with the MSNBC clip, watch the second clip below (via Mediaite) of Gutfeld and “The Five” taking Bashir and company apart.