Hot topic on ESPN today: Is RG III a cornball brother who votes Republican?

Alternate headline: “Unwatchable sports chat show more unwatchable than usual.”

Guy beat me to the punch but I want to write about it. You know what’s interesting about this clip? This guy’s going to catch hell for what he said, not because his test of racial authenticity is so cartoonish and clammy (which it is) but because he picked the wrong guy to demagogue. If you want to call a minority conservative an Uncle Tom, make sure it’s someone for whom the left has no use, like Clarence Thomas or Allen West. The right will be angry if you do, but no worries — most Americans will never hear about it, or if they do, the usual outrage over racial stereotyping will be absent from the press coverage. Instead this dummy picked on the savior of Washington football, the most exciting thing to happen to ‘Skins fans, left and right, in decades. There are few ways that a “cornball brother” can earn absolution from the Authenticity P.D. but winning the Super Bowl is one. And the irony is, I’m not even sure that RGIII actually is a Republican. I’ve seen that rumor floated but never any quote from the man himself; if I’m wrong, send me the link and I’ll update. We’ll know soon, though: Now that Parker’s raised the specter of racial impurity, the pressure will be on Griffin to admit that, yes indeed, he’s one of the enlightened who voted Democratic last month.

As for Stephen A. Smith’s discomfort at the end, that’s not surprising. He’s had run-ins with the Authenticity P.D. too.