Obama's campaign ends the only way it could: With a video featuring the "Hangover" cast

To cleanse the palate, via the Examiner, a half-hearted GOTV pitch from members of one unimaginative, overrated production on behalf of another. If you’re the sort of smart, serious, socially conscious college-aged progressive who can’t get motivated to vote without being asked by the cast of your favorite sub-Sandler-level lowbrow comedy, here you go. They don’t mention any specific candidate, but if, like Zach, you’ve come to realize that the Koch brothers’ political advocacy is “not freedom,” then the choice is clear.

Below that, since I’m already wasting a post on Hollywood Obama endorsements, a wry new entry from “Avengers” director Joss Whedon in the ageless genre of “the opposition’s victory will bring about the apocalypse” campaign propaganda. If you tweaked one or two lines, this would work almost as well as a satire of the relentless hyperbolic negativity of Obama’s campaign and its supporters circa 2012 as it does as a kidding-on-the-square attack on Romney.