Video: "A Good Day to Die Hard" trailer

As a change of pace after so many debate posts, I thought we’d all enjoy a palate cleanser that involved less destructive ass-kicking than we saw last night. So here’s the new “Die Hard” trailer.

This one takes place in Russia, a country that’s a good 20 years removed from serving as a compelling enemy in action flicks but will do just fine for the pure mindless-mayhem fun of a “Die Hard” sequel. If the “Red Dawn” remake can get away with swapping North Korea in for China, then Russia can pinch hit for Al Qaeda, I guess. As for McClane, he’s pushing 60 and the guy with the shotgun next to him on the floor near the end of the clip is his full-grown son — and if that makes you feel old, “Die Hard” fans, it should. Even so, this is welcome news: There are enough explosions in these 60 seconds alone to guarantee that the movie will be “good,” and the fact that Willis is extending the shelf life of the McClane character fills me with hope that we might yet someday see a crossover flick featuring him, Stallone as Rambo, and Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. It’d be campy as hell, and the three of them would need walkers to get around the set by the time it gets made, but it’d be an 80s nostalgia reverie like nothing else. It needs to happen. If the world had to suffer through bad crossovers like “Freddy vs. Jason” and “Alien vs. Predator,” the least Hollywood can do to make it up to us is give us “Terminator 5: Second Blood Dies Hardest.”

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