Open thread: Hannity and the Daily Caller on the Obama tape

It’s the news du jour thanks to Drudge so here’s your thread for reaction. Evidently the DC will post its story at 9 p.m. ET just as Hannity’s show starts to roll. I’ll update this post with the clip once it’s available. If you haven’t been following the earlier thread, Drudge hopped onto Twitter to hint that the controversial bits of Obama’s 2007 Hampton speech didn’t end up in the video posted by the local paper. Go figure that the one time in his life that O strays from the teleprompter, he gets in trouble for it.

Greg Pollowitz jokes:

Yeah, if forced to choose between defending a five-year-old speech and having to explain why an American ambassador was left essentially without security in the middle of the Jihadistan known as eastern Libya, I’m thinking O will probably take his chances with door number one. Then again, it’s not an either/or proposition. And thanks to Democratic wagon-circling, he doesn’t seem to have paid a serious political price for the Benghazi debacle — yet. Darrell Issa and the Oversight Committee will have more to say about that next week.

No matter what happens, I think Ace’s co-blogger DrewM is on firm ground with this prediction. Stand by for the vid.

Update: I’m going to take advantage of intense reader interest in the Drudge story to post this right here. If it’s an Obama scandal you want, you got it. Settle in for 45 minutes from Univision of some of the very lowest moments of Hopenchange.

Update: Here’s the link to the DC’s story and the clip. Video of the full speech is at the link.