"Saturday Night Live" on Obama: This economy isn't very good, is it?

Not that funny, and it’s capped predictably by a shot at Romney lest anyone at home be confused about whom they’re supposed to vote for. But it’s a must-post anyway, for three reasons. One: It’s a chance to see the new guy, Jay Pharoah, as Obama after four years of Fred Armisen’s awfulness. Two: I feel guilty for suggesting yesterday that one’s humor should turn in part on one’s politics. Here’s proof that it doesn’t. I want this sketch to be high-larious, but … hey. Three: The more attention they get for taking shots at O, however half-heartedly, the more reason they have to keep doing it. Keep at it, guys. There’s another bit of Obama/China genius buried somewhere in that writing staff. I just know it.

Oh, one more reason why this is worth posting: “SNL” may now be the most reliable source of economic news on NBC.