Video: Ahmadinejad addresses pressing global problem of U.S. campaign spending

In which a guy who won a second term through a rigged poll and subsequent bloody crackdown on Iranian voters complains about the unfairness of the American electoral system. No surprise, nor is it a surprise that he’d work in an OWS-ish reference to the “99 percent” of the electorate whose voices aren’t heard. His last few speeches at the UN have sought to leverage the global recession by pandering to western (and non-western) class warriors; he went after capitalism more than once in today’s speech, just as he has the past few years. The campaign spending shtick is new, I believe, but then there was no U.S. presidential election the last few years to exploit in his UN remarks. This is all par for the course in his UN addresses, as he perpetually aims to rally an international coalition of Islamists, socialists, and catch-all anti-Americans in defense of Iran’s fundamentalist doomsday weapons. Go read this post on his 2007 address and see if any of the following, from today’s speech, sounds familiar:

There is no doubt that the world is in need of a new order and a fresh way of thinking:

1- An order in which man is recognized as God’s Supreme Creature, enjoying material and spiritual qualities and possessing a pure and divine nature filled with a desire to seek justice and truth.

2- An order that aims to revive human dignity and believes in universal happiness and perfection.

_ An order which is after peace, lasting security and welfare for all walks of life around the globe.

An order that is founded upon trust and kindness and brings thoughts, hearts and hands closer to each other. Rulers must love people.

A just and fair order in which everybody is equal before law and in which there is no double standard.

Ladles and ladles of utopian pap, all in service to a fascist, expansionist, anti-semitic agenda. That’s been his rhetorical style at the UN since day one; in an age of ever more sophisticated disinformation, his crude, no-frills Orwellianism seems almost honest. The only key difference this year, apparently, is that he went a little lighter than usual on demonizing Israel. Presumably that’s because of reports that Netanyahu is increasingly isolated within the Israeli government in his determination to attack before Iran gets the bomb. The more Ahmadinejad screeches about “Zionists,” the more he risks rallying support to Bibi.

Oh, and just to follow up on Monday’s post: The United States delegation did not attend.

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