Reince Priebus: Let's face it, Chris Matthews is a jerk and no one watches his show

Via Guy Benson, live on the scene in Tampa, simple truths from a man who was informed this morning on “The Place for Politics” that he’s “garbage.” Say this much for Tingles, though: His devotion appears to be true. There’s no one else in cable news who would have gone to bat for O the way he did after being rudely denied an interview for a new bit of Obama hagiography. The least The One can do after this is grant him an audience for 20 minutes, if only to let him bask in his divine splendor. Or is he too busy with more serious journalists, like the people at Glamour magazine?

Incidentally, Matthews isn’t the only reporter sputtering in indignation today about perceived racism in Romney’s welfare attacks. Thomas Edsall unfurled his piece bright and early this morning — coinciding with day one of the GOP convention, conveniently enough — and then the Atlantic followed suit later, replete with a photographic analysis accusing the RNC’s ad team of darkening Obama’s skin. (Obama supporters leveled that charge at Hillary’s ad team during the 2008 primaries too, back when she was a horrible racist and not a wonderful post-partisan feminist icon and diplomat.) My hunch is that there’s only one man in America who could get away with criticizing liberal welfare policies from the center-right without drawing a racism charge, but when I stop to think about that, I remember that that guy was also accused of racism repeatedly for opposing Obama in 2007 and early 2008. So, my hunch is wrong. This argument simply can’t be made. Oh well.

By the way, nice job by Priebus in noting how much Matthews was spitting during his shpiel this morning.