Current TV announces exciting new broadcasting talent will host its convention coverage

I was planning to stick with the networks for my convention coverage even after I heard the news about Gore. But when I found out that Jennifer Granholm and Cenk Uygur would be joining him?


Says Jonah Goldberg, “If Al Gore’s career trajectory keeps up he’ll be a blogger-intern at Media Matters by the end of the decade.”

The news-focused cable network, which the former vice president co-founded in 2005, announced Wednesday that Gore will take lead during the upcoming coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Current TV personalities Jennifer Granholm (the former Michigan governor), Eliot Spitzer (the former New York Governor and Keith Olbermann replacement) and Young Turks host Cenk Uygur will join Gore during a nightly roundtable.

“I’m pleased to be participating in Current TV’s impressive line-up throughout the Republican and Democratic National Conventions,” said Gore. “Cenk, Jennifer and Eliot provide the keen insight and spot-on analysis our viewers have come to expect, combined with decades of experience in public service and a deep understanding of politics. I have no doubt that our coverage will be innovative and informative, and I look forward to working with them.”

Why not? He’s been trying to turn Current into an even-further left version of MSNBC and his big move towards that end turned into a nuclear meltdown. He’s left now with two ex-governors whose records no one respects, the guy from “The Young Turks,” and … Joy Behar. This is his last best chance to put the network on the map; Gore’s stature among liberals should guarantee excellent access to convention speakers (including, just maybe, you know who?) and the stuntcasting factor in having him anchor will draw all sorts of rubberneckers who normally wouldn’t watch. Will the Goracle be as wooden and self-serious as we expect? Is there any way he won’t be? There’s only one way to tell, my friends.

I wonder if he had an offer to speak at the convention and declined it to do this instead or if he got snubbed and this is his plan B for the big night. Come to think of it, there’s someone else who can’t go to the convention this year and would make quite a “get” for Current if he can land her. First the interview and then maybe variety hour?