Video: "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer

I liked the first trailer better but maybe that’s because the moral of the story seemed clearer. That one made it look like Nolan was going after class warfare and “the 99 percent,” with Anne Hathaway whispering something to Bale about living large while leaving so little for everyone else. (Catwoman’s a fan of the Buffett Rule.) After this clip, I’m not sure what the movie’s about. Batman’s back from some sort of oblivion and the Batmobile flies now and Bane looks simultaneously intimidating and ridiculous, and … that’s really it. Not that it matters. No one decides whether to go see a Batman movie based on the plot, right?

Exit question: If America can embrace a superhero as gay as this, why can’t it embrace a gay foreign-policy spokesman for Romney?

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023