Unbelievable: Jon Corzine still bundling mega-bucks for Obama's campaign

The information’s hiding in plain sight but it’s still a nifty catch by the Standard’s Daniel Halper. You know why? Because the idea that Jon Corzine is still raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for The One is so insane and implausible, virtually no one would have thought to check. Of course that’s not happening. Of course.

And yet.

He’s in the $500,000+ club for the first quarter of this year, the most elite group there is among O’s cash cows. You know what else happened during that quarter? News broke that more than a billion dollars in MF Global client funds had apparently been “vaporized” in the firm’s collapse, with investigators clueless as to where the money might have gone. As recently as last month, new evidence emerged pointing to Corzine’s direct involvement in using clients’ cash to cover the firm’s debts. And yet, presumably, he was squeezing his rich friends for dough for Obama the whole time. Ace asks a good question: “Why is a man under investigation by a government agency permitted to raise money for the man who controls that agency?” Wouldn’t be the first time Corzine’s used his political leverage to personal advantage.

If you missed it a few days ago, read Ed’s post on Patrick Kennedy claiming that the White House rewards its rich donors with certain quid pro quos. Can’t wait to see what Jon Corzine gets in return for his extreme diligence on behalf of the “Not a Republican” reelection effort. Exit question: Does Team O understand that transparency is supposed to act as a deterrent to impropriety or the appearance of impropriety? They love to pat themselves on the back for voluntarily disclosing the names of their bundlers, but the point of disclosure is that it dissuades you, at least in theory, from dealing with cretins lest you be scrutinized for it. Where’s the dissuasion, guys?

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on April 01, 2023