Thought of the day: Why do we let soldiers board commercial planes first?

Via the Blaze. I thought we did it as a small show of respect for people who risk their lives in national service but it turns out your “Final Jeopardy” answer here is “militarism.” Guestblogger Morgen Richmond posted a snippet of this over the weekend but you’re going to want to cleanse that palate by drinking in five full minutes of wisdom. Personal highlight: Dohrn on debt forgiveness. At first I thought she meant student debt, but no, I think she’s talking about debt, period. Let’s start new, start fresh.

Consider this my contribution to bipartisanship for today, actually. Say what you will about O, but I’m guessing President Weatherman here wouldn’t have ordered any raid on Bin Laden or any sanctions on Iran and likely would have insisted on civilian trials for the Al Qaeda all-stars locked up at Gitmo. Then again, he probably also would have paid some mind to the War Powers Act instead of wishing it out of existence. Content warning.