America rejoices: Lehigh 75, Duke 70; Update: Video added

We don’t usually post on the tourney but we do usually post when an evil tyrant is deposed. Evil tyrant status: Deposed.

It was touch and go down the stretch, to the point where I had a “Duke-hating blogger has heart ripped out of chest” headline all ready to go for when some Dukie inevitably hit a game-winning three at the buzzer. Two 15 seeds over 2 seeds in the same day was too much to ask, especially when one of them was the Durham Death Star. But Lehigh Skywalker blew it up. Dude, they blew it up.

I’ll post video highlights when they’re available. While we wait, you can watch the recap of Norfolk State knocking off Missouri (how did they let Pressey get off that good of a shot at the end?). As for me, I’m ready to unleash the ‘bot.

Update: ESPN had 6.45 million brackets submitted this year. As of 20 minutes ago, with the first round not quite yet over, not a single one was still perfect.

Update: As promised, the Lehigh/Duke highlights. Biggest first-round upset in tourney history.

Robot libido by sabotage

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Jazz Shaw 9:21 AM on June 09, 2023