Video: Terrorist villains in new "Rainbow Six" video game are ... Occupy Wall Street?

No, just kidding. These guys aren’t OWS. For one thing, none of them takes a dump in public or on a cop car, and no one gets raped. Also, as Frank Fleming points out, they’re wearing suits and they’re racially diverse, which is pretty much smoking-gun proof that they’re not OWSers. What’s identical is the message: For the second straight day, the Occupiers’ class-warfare ethos gets a starring role in a sure-to-be-blockbuster piece of entertainment — and once again, they’re cast as the villains. No wonder liberals are upset. How annoying to be reminded that domestic terrorism isn’t solely the province of wingnuts by people who are supposed to be on your side.

The game won’t be out until 2013, which I guess means the developer is betting heavily on a GOP victory next fall. If they think OWS and income inequality will be relevant in a second Obama term, especially if the economy starts growing again and class resentment eases, they’re kidding themselves. For the moment, though, this is a good hook. New from CBS:

Pew asked a sample of adults what bothered them most about the federal tax system — the amount they pay, the complexity of it, or the feeling that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share. Overall, 57 percent said it was the wealthy not paying their fair share; among people who make between $30K and $75K a year the figure was 58 percent, and among those who make less than $30K it was 67 percent. If you’re still wondering why Obama’s excited to see the GOP choke on extending the payroll-tax holiday, wonder no longer.

Exit quotation: “Who gives a crap about some imbecile?”