Video: Perry implodes; Update: Campaign is over, says top fundraiser

Via Business Insider. A few choice quotes. Larry Sabato:

To my memory, Perry’s forgetfulness is the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate.

Rich Lowry:

That might be the most uncomfortable moment I’ve ever witnessed in presidential politics.

Mona Charen:

That was the greatest flame-out I’ve ever witnessed in a debate.

He’s down to 4.9 percent now on InTrade; before the debate he was at 9.3 percent. Remember two months ago when he was going to be the guy who saved us from Romney? Yeah.

Update: Zero Hedge has the gruesome “flash crash” during Perry’s answer as captured on InTrade.

Update: CNN, live in the spin room: “I’m sure glad I had my boots on because I sure stepped in it out there.”

Update: WaPo’s Aaron Blake tweets: “Top Perry fundraiser to me: ‘Perry campaign is over. Time for him to go home and refocus on being Gov of TX.'”