Mark Block: Did you know that the son of Cain's accuser works for Politico?

I did not know that. He’s, er … not thinking of Josh Kraushaar, is he?

“Her son works at POLITICO,” Block said of Karen Kraushaar, whose name POLITICO printed earlier today after other media outlets made her identity public…

Block appeared to be referring to former POLITICO reporter Josh Kraushaar, who left for another outlet, National Journal, in 2010.

Josh Kraushaar tweeted earlier in the day, apparently after getting questions, that he’s in fact not related to Karen Kraushaar, and simply has the same last name.


Josh Kraushaar is tweeting in disbelief tonight:

Mark Block must get his facts from Internet comment boards, based on comments to @hannity. Not related to Karen K and don’t work at Politico

For a presidential spokesman to go on TV and make up blatant falsehoods doesn’t speak well for his boss, either.

The only positive benefit about being smeared by Mark Block on Hannity is I’m getting 100 new Twitter followers a minute.

Could a man who accused Rick Perry on national television of a “despicable” smear only to back off from it the next day really be so careless with the facts?

Prediction: You’re going to see three camps quickly emerge on this story. Camp one: “I can’t believe Block threw that accusation out there without confirming it.” Camp two: “Maybe … Block was thinking of another reporter?” (Some Cainiacs are already tweeting this.) Camp three: “Josh Kraushaar is lying; he really is Karen’s son. Where’s the birth certificate?” Place your bets now, as Block’s sure to be forced to clarify tomorrow what he meant. Click the image to watch.


Update (Ed): After last week’s aborted accusation against Rick Perry as being the leaker of this story and now this “epic facepalm,” as one of my Twitter followers called this, Mark Block has to go.  If he’s not gone by tomorrow, no one will take this campaign seriously again — nor should they.

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