Down twinkles: ACORN is paying homeless people to come down here and protest, says OWSer

Another good one from Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, and Big Government, starring the same well-spoken protester from last night’s clip. We already knew that New York Communities for Change, a.k.a. the artists formerly known as ACORN, were hiring the homeless as ringers to pad the size of the protests. Fox News reported on that a few weeks ago and further alleged that some of the new hires were being sent out to fundraise under false pretenses. What’s curious about this clip is that “Channing” thinks some of the ringers being shipped in by NYCC are creating problems at the park, going so far as to call one of them an “instigator.” I get why the cops are directing derelicts to the park — it’s a reckless, dangerous tactic, but it serves their goal of scaring the occupiers out of the space — but you’d think NYCC would take five minutes to vet their astroturfers for, shall we say, eccentricities before sending them in to mingle with college kids. As it is, here’s what one cop told Joel Pollak:

It is far from the butterflies and Bambis that the media is trying to portray…

There are many incidents of sexual touching and groping that goes unreported to us, mainly because the alleged victim is either too stoned or high to properly ID them or they “dont want to get the guy in trouble.” One girl, with hickeys all over her neck was brought to us and claimed she was raped….She said she had gotten high and had sex with one guy then sex with the other guy, but when guy #3 tried, she rebuffed him. She later got stoned somewhere else and returned to her place where guy #3 came back and had sex with her (she thinks) but she remembers blacking out and him leaving and her pants off.

A suspect was arrested just a few hours ago. So here’s what we’ve got in the petri dish downtown right now: (1) Actual protesters, many of whom live very comfortably when they’re not busy “raising awareness” (which bolsters the theory that OWS is chiefly a civil war within the upper class); (2) quasi-protesters who simply enjoy the scene or want an excuse to drum 15 hours a day; (3) homeless people and addicts drawn to the park in hopes of free food and a tent to sleep in; (4) ringers hired by NYCC, apparently with little regard for their stability; and of course (5) assorted lunatics and degenerates eager for an audience to scream at and/or prey upon, some of whom are allegedly being directed there … by the police. At the rate we’re going, soon the city will be dropping off prisoners from Riker’s Island at Zuccotti Park. Assuming they’re not doing that already.

Two clips here, one of the interview with “Channing,” the other of the daily delivery of Ben & Jerry’s to keep those revolutionary, corporation-hating bellies full.

Update: Jim Treacher wonders below how long it’ll be until Snake Plissken shows up.

Update: Joel Pollak e-mails to clarify that the suspect arrested today isn’t the same suspect described in Big Government’s post. Duly noted.

Update (Ed): Snake?  Snake Plissken?  I thought he was dead …

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