Video: "Occupy Wall Street, I need attention"

Via Opie and Anthony by way of Mediaite, comedian Kelley Lynn has a fee-vah and the only prescription is a trip to Twinkles City. Unlike last night’s Stern clip, most of the laughs here come from the infiltrator, not the protesters themselves. (Most, but not all. Check out some of the dancing.) If it’s protester-inspired humor you want, go read New York magazine’s pop quiz of OWSers on basic economic matters. Here’s my favorite data point. Let’s subtitle this one, “Why I drink.”

Follow the link and read their post for the correct answer in case — heaven forbid — you don’t already know it offhand. How seriously can you take lectures on economics from people who are this badly misguided about the feds’ budgeting priorities? Imagine their reaction when they find out which programs are the biggest drivers of U.S. debt. (Hint: Not the Pentagon.) Why, they’ll … just shrug and demand Medicare for all anyway, right?

Actually, I’d bet most of the public is operating under the same delusion about defense spending vis-a-vis health care. Maybe America deserves OWS after all. Exit quotation: “What did I spend the last four years doing? Fluent in Mandarin and French and no one wants to go for that? And it’s like, now what?”

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David Strom 9:31 PM on December 05, 2022