Open thread: Palin's speech to Iowa tea partiers

The program starts at noon ET and runs until three. She’s the keynoter so she probably won’t take the stage until the last half hour or so, but here’s your thread in case you’re watching the whole program. C-SPAN will air it all live (online here) and other cable nets will, I assume, look in once she takes the podium. If you missed yesterday’s post previewing the speech, read it now. Supposedly there’ll be a “full-throated defense of the tea party,” some thinly veiled shots at Rick Perry, and no announcement of her presidential intentions — unless of course her team head-faked the media in order to make the announcement even more shocking. Suspense.

While you wait, Conservatives4Palin has a bunch of posts up about her appearance at their meet-up in Iowa last night. Exit quotation: “Happy with the field of candidates. I always think that there’s room for more, though…”

Update: C-SPAN says it’ll start airing at 12:30 p.m. No wonder: Word is that Indianola was hit this morning by a huge thunderstorm.