Quotes of the day

“‘You have an unemployment rate in the black community of around 20 percent,’ Matthews said. ‘And that’s a fact. In terms of, certainly, underemployment, it gets up to that level and it’s real. It’s high recession time and nothing’s getting better. And the question you have to ask is, ‘What is the difference between the president’s policy and the Republicans’ policy?”

“Matthews attempted to offer an explanation of Republican economic theory, but was unable to explain what Obama’s economic policy initiatives were.

“‘We know the Republican policy,’ he continued. ‘Government gets small, get out of the way, lower taxes, lower regulation, lower everything. Get out of our face. Big business is going to solve our problems. Small business will solve our problems. That’s the Republican philosophy: laissez-faire. What’s the Obama strategy? I don’t know what it is right now. That’s the challenge.'”

“The problem, Waters said, is that Obama is not paying enough attention to the problems of some black Americans. The unemployment rate for African-Americans nationally is a little over 16 percent, and almost twice that in Detroit. And yet, Waters said, the president is on a jobs-promotion trip through the Midwest that does not include any stops in black communities. ‘The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too,’ Waters said. ‘We’re supportive of the president, but we’re getting tired, y’all. We’re getting tired. And so, what we want to do is, we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he’s prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity, but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don’t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black community. We don’t know that.'”