Ed Schultz: Sorry for deceptively editing that Rick Perry video

Via Larry O’Connor, who notes that Big Ed didn’t apologize for the bogus racism charge that the bowdlerized clip was meant to illustrate. Indeed. That was my point in the
earlier post — that the “dog whistle” smear is unfalsifiable no matter how much context is offered in the accused’s defense. That’s why Schultz really is sorry, I’m sure, that he didn’t air the unedited clip in the first place. It would have done nothing to hurt his “argument” because his “argument” is really just an assertion predicated on stereotypes about southern conservatives. Perry’s a racist because he’s a Republican from Texas who doesn’t like Obama, ergo “big black cloud” is a veiled racial slur no matter what Perry was ostensibly talking about at the time. QED. Again: Fourteen more months of this. Day in, day out.