Video: Guy with four kids endorses "fertility management" to save the planet

Via Breitbart TV and the Daily Caller. At first listen, I thought what he had in mind here was making contraception more freely available in some developing nations where women are expected to have lots of children. “Educate girls and empower women,” he says (but not men?); good advice, and there are lots of places around the world where it’s desperately needed. But if it’s developing nations he’s thinking of, that wouldn’t do much to curb pollution or emissions. It’s the first-world nations that do most of the industrial belching, and needless to say, China doesn’t need any tips on “fertility management.” So I guess he means … American women? Or someone else? Whatever the answer, he clearly means someone other than the Gore family since he and Tipper almost doubled the ol’ replacement rate. But then, for the Goracle, saving the planet has always been mostly a “you first” proposition. At least he’s consistent.

Plus, in fairness, by the standards of green true believers, the form of population control he’s thinking of here is pretty tame. Exit question: What role should abortion have in this planet-saving scheme of “fertility management”?