Voter to Chris Christie: Do your kids go to public school? Christie to voter: None of your business

Via RCP, when was the last time we had some Chris Christie porn to enjoy? A quick scan of the HA archives reveals nothing since … January? Can it really be that long? I wonder what he’s been doing with himself since then, apart from suffering through the daily deluge of media questions about whether he’s running for president. Ah, right — he was helping to get a “breakthrough” budget passed that’s going to force public employees to contribute more to their pensions and health-care plans, which of course is what makes him the new Hitler. In fact, rest assured, somewhere there’s a union tool watching this clip, thinking, “Hitler didn’t like answering questions from his constituents either.”

Tangentially, having just spent three weeks watching another pugnacious NY-area politician melt down in the media, I wonder how Weinergate might have played out had Weiner taken the combative, Christie MYOB approach. Once he lied and made schmucks of all the liberals who bought his dumb hacking excuse, he had no allies left. But if he had come out on day one and pounded the table in the name of principle — “I’ve broken no law, it’s between me and my wife, legislators deserve their privacy too,” etc — our side still would have mocked him for it but plenty of lefties and independents would have rallied behind him, with many a contrite, navel-gazing media analysis about the public’s voyeurism to follow. Voters like a fightin’ alpha male, even when he’s behaved like a cretin. (Weiner, that is, not Christie.)