Video: The second-most awkward TV interview of the week

Via Greg Hengler, in any other week this would have taken top prize. As it is, there’s a 15-way tie for first place between the last 15 interviews given by Anthony Weiner. The key bits come at 2:35 and again at 5:35; I’m tempted to giggle, but in a post-“burtation” media landscape, it’s harder to tell mock-worthy flubs from sympathy-worthy ailments. There needs to be a new greeting card for media meltdowns like this, with Nelson Muntz going “HA-ha” on one side and an earnest “I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well” on the other. Depending on the diagnosis or lack thereof, the recipient can simply flip it to whichever side is appropriate.

You know, Beck’s 5 p.m. time slot will be available as of July 1 and Fox could use a little more ideological diversity in its lineup. Exit question: Weiner or Skinner?