Are you ready for the Barack Obama birth certificate t-shirt?

Cute, creative, and actually substantive. After all, if not for the Bin Laden raid, releasing his birth certificate would in fact be his big “accomplishment” of the year.

I’m tempted to order one but I can’t in good conscience send this guy campaign money for any reason. Unless, of course, he starts rolling out “dead Bin Laden” merchandise, a prospect that remains slightly more plausible than it should be. Maybe a key ring with a pic of OBL being kicked over the side of the carrier? C’mon. Five bucks won’t decide the election.

I’ll place my order as “Doodad Pro.”

President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign today started selling “Made in the USA” t-shirts featuring images of both President Obama and the long-form birth certificate he released copies of last month.

“Wear your support for this campaign with an official Made in the USA T-shirt,” his website advertises. Donate $25 or more today and we’ll send you your limited-edition shirt.

Coffee-mugs are also available.

“Remember ‘fight the smears’ from the 2008 campaign?” asked campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt. “This is the mobile version of it.”

The mug would be cool too. What better way to start the morning than with a reminder that the president is, in fact, a citizen of the country over which he presides?

Kidding aside, while they’ll almost certainly never stoop to explicitly marketing the Bin Laden killing to raise money (although I’ve underestimated them before), don’t you think there’s at least a slight chance we’ll see a “Gutsy Call” t-shirt before too long? Nothing explicit — no photos of Osama or anything like that — just the text and the campaign logo, leaving the observer to figure out for him/herself which “gutsy call” they’re referring to. They probably won’t need to do anything as desperate as that for money, but — you never know.