Romney: I think Obama was right not to release the Bin Laden photos

Before you guys start RINO-stomping him in the comments, let’s be honest. If he sincerely believed “damn right Obama should release the photos!”, we’d all be accusing him anyway of pandering to try to ingratiate himself with the base, right?

You wanted a more “authentic” Romney? You got it:

Mitt Romney said Thursday that he agrees with President Barack Obama’s decision not to release photos of Osama bin Laden’s dead body.

“It’s best not to release the photo because it has the potential to incite retaliatory violence against Americans,” Romney, the nominal front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, said in a statement to POLITICO…

The tone of Romney’s statement on the issue is much less bombastic than some other Republican presidential hopefuls. On Wednesday, former Sarah Palin tweeted that Obama should stop “pussy-footing” on the issue.

Fear of retaliation is a bad argument against releasing the pics, especially from a would-be C-in-C. Al Qaeda’s already vowed revenge for Bin Laden’s death and cretinous sympathizers worldwide are demagoging it to the hilt. If Romney’s going to float that line, he needs to explain what else he’d be willing not to do in the name of not inciting the sort of degenerates who’ll always find something worth feeling incited by. A question for the next GOP debate, perhaps?

Exit question: Are there any prominent Republicans who could take this line and not be hammered for squishiness by doing so? Herman Cain, surprisingly, also said he agreed with Obama’s decision, and his grassroots cred is such that he’s basically RINO-proof. Anyone else?