Prosser campaign to Kloppenburg: Don't you think it's time to concede?

As of lunchtime today, 69 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties had verified their vote totals and Prosser’s still on track for a 7,300-vote lead.

Dude, it’s time.

The campaign of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is now saying that challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg should consider the heavy odds in a recount — and that the margin shifts that occur in them are quite small.

As WisPolitics reports, Prosser’s campaign released a statement pointing out that that the largest ever vote swing in a Wisconsin statewide recount has only been 489 votes. Prosser’s current lead is over 7,000 votes. “History does not provide a rosy picture of recounts of a half a percent or less,” said Prosser campaign spokesman Brian J. Nemoir. “While there may be a legal right to a recount, after a review of past‐results and consideration for the heavy burden upon the state, it is in the best interests of the state to have the common sense decision be made to avoid the unnecessary drama of a recount.”

That would be in the best interests of the state, but it wouldn’t be in the best interests of Democrats. The best interests of Democrats require senior citizens to humiliate themselves by pleading age and confusion after the fact in a desperate attempt to delegitimize the results of an election that the unions lost against all odds. So yes, of course there’s going to be a recount. And if they’re lucky, there’ll be some minor procedural quirk in some Wisconsin county somewhere that they can point to as further “evidence” that the vote was rigged. Let’s get on with it.

Via Gateway Pundit, here’s Kloppenburg the day after the election, before the Waukesha error was known, declaring victory for the second time already with a lead of just 200 or so votes. That was enough of a cushion to be confident in the result, apparently, but Prosser’s 7,000-vote lead? Well, that’s different.