New DNC chair: Paul Ryan's budget would be a "death trap for seniors," a "tornado through nursing homes"

Two clips for you via Mediaite and the Daily Caller respectively. See now why I thought choosing a Florida liberal for DNC chair was a master stroke? Any leftist can (and will!) accuse Paul Ryan of wanting to kill off the nation’s elderly en masse, but a leftist from Florida knows just what colorful details to add to make that talking point really speak to senior citizens. “Paul Ryan hates grandma” is boring; “Paul Ryan is a tornado tearing through a nursing home” is downright literary. I’m looking forward to seeing what vibrant new metaphors she works up to as she gets more comfortable in office. “Paul Ryan’s budget is like a heavy bookcase that’s fallen on our nation’s seniors, trapping them beneath.” “Don’t our nation’s seniors deserve better than a lethal dose of austerity from Paul Ryan’s budgetary medication?” “After all our nation’s seniors have done for America, Paul Ryan’s heartless reforms are tantamount to forgetting to call them on their birthday.” I know you can do better, Debbie!

Go read Ace for a reminder of what sort of budgetary medication Dr. Wasserman-Schultz voted to dispense last year. Eighteen more months of this, guys. Eighteen. More. Months.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET