GMA to Rebecca Black: Let's talk about how much people hate your song

Good lord. I haven’t watched torture like this since Marty DiBergi read Spinal Tap that review of “Shark Sandwich.”

They’ve got America’s new “it” girl, the biggest pop star in the country, sitting right in front of them, and all ABC wants to know is how painful those painful, painful criticisms are? I say again: Good lord.

After a smug intro, Good Morning America’s Andrea Canning embodied a real life mean girl when she stared down the bright eyed eighth grader. The reporter smirked as she repeated the criticisms of Black’s online detractors: “This is the worst song I have ever heard in my life, even deaf people are complaining.” “I hate her voice, it’s going to be stuck in my head for life.”

“Do you think you’re a good singer?” Canning icily asks after inviting Black to perform the national anthem on command (it was surprisingly good and made me question why Friday was so outrageously autotuned in the first place). “I’m not the worst singer,” she replied, unshaken by the mocking tone of her interviewer. “I think I have talent on some level.”…

Canning … is a 38-year-old woman who bullied an eighth grader on national TV.

They should have sent Tapper to handle this one. Tough, yet fair. Sample question: “What about the ‘cereal’ lyric? Any second thoughts?”

The song, incidentally, is now number 31 with a bullet on iTunes. Next stop, the top 20. And if you think this marks the end of our recent binge of insanely viral videos involving teens, guess again. Monday shall be a glorious day indeed, my friends.

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