Wisconsin Dem assemblyman to GOP colleague: "You are f***ing dead"

The only person in America who’s had a more interesting week than this guy is Charlie Sheen. Last Monday, he was the left’s new hero for his bravura, screeching, truth-to-power grandstanding on the Wisconsin assembly floor. The next day, local police revealed that he’d recently been cited in connection with a prostitution sting on a massage parlor. Fast forward a few more days to the big vote on Walker’s budget bill, annnnnnd

“After the vote to engross, he turns to a female conservative Republican, who is also from the Oshkosh area, looks at her and says, ‘You are f—ing dead,’” Sykes said. “He didn’t say ‘f—ing,’ he said the whole thing. He says to a female colleague, ‘You are f—ing dead.’”

That’s from radio host Charlie Sykes, allegedly relaying what he’d been told by GOP Rep. Michelle Litjens. How do we know she’s telling the truth? Well, without specifying as to why, Hintz apparently felt the need to apologize to her this afternoon:

Rep. Gordon Hintz, D Oshkosh, apologized to Rep. Michelle Litjens, R-Winneconne, for shouting out an obscenity that included the words “you’re dead” that Litjens and other witnesses heard in the chaotic scene after Republicans approved the bill.

Litjens said she accepted the apology, but has asked the Assembly leadership to discipline Hintz.

“Everyone was exhausted. We were on the floor 58 hours. (But) there is still no excuse for his comment,” Litjens said…

Hintz Monday said he called Litjens to apologize but said he could not “confirm that quote.”

There’s no evidence that anyone in the visitor’s gallery heard him, but the lesson of the Tucson shooting is that a crank doesn’t actually have to hear a politician’s heated rhetoric to be somehow influenced by it. So feel free to blame Hintz for every jackass move made by a protester recently.

Via the Daily Caller, here’s Sykes recounting what Litjens told him. Exit question: Are we sure the Republicans in the Wisconsin senate are standing firm on passing Walker’s bill once the fleebaggers come home? According to Greg Sargent and several other reporters, at least one GOPer is ready to cave and vote no.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022