Audio: The obligatory "Scott Walker prank-called by David Koch impostor" clip

What’s the most amazing thing about this episode? That Walker’s staff sent the call through to the governor without confirming that it was Koch? That the impostor managed to keep Walker talking for 20 minutes? Or that the most damning admission made during a supposed mindmeld between two giants of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy is Walker trying to trick the fugitive Democrats back to the Capitol with the promise of a meeting in order to create a quorum for a floor vote? So underwhelming was the resulting conversation that his staff actually issued a statement this morning acknowledging that it’s him on the recording and citing the audio as proof that he says the same things in private as in public. Even the choice of villain is a letdown: The Koch brothers are enjoying a vogue among lefty political activists as the billionaire Root Of All Evil, filling the same sort of niche that Soros fills on the right, but I’d guess maybe five percent of the general public knows who they are. And given that they’re supposed to be Walker’s sugar daddies yet he apparently can’t even recognize one of them over the phone, I’m not sure he has a real firm grasp on who they are either.

So the call itself is a fizzle, but never fear — the left always has a fallback narrative ready to go. Here’s Ezra Klein lamenting the fact that the poor fleebaggers holed up in Illinois can’t get Walker on the phone whereas a guy posing as a major Republican donor is put straight through. Which brings us to the clips below: I don’t care if you listen to the first two but take two minutes to watch the third (via the Blaze), as top Obama union crony/bankroller Richard Trumka boasts of being on the phone with the White House literally every day and visiting a few times each week. That’s nothing new for The One — remember who the most frequent visitor to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was during his first year in office? — but it does conveniently explode the liberal supposition that somehow only conservative special interests enjoy unique access to politicians. And if the clip’s not enough to make your stomach churn, eyeball the table at Powerline of the biggest political donors over the past 20 years. Lottttttt of money flowing into Democratic coffers on that list; the Kochtopus will have to step it up big time to crack the top 20. Exit quotation from Mary Katharine Ham: “Between prank calls & running squealing from confrontation, it’s unclear whether left wants to make policy or attend my 12th bday party.”