Olbermann to announce new career plans tomorrow morning

Prediction: He’s joining the cast of the Onion’s “SportsDome,” where he’ll play a pompous, catchphrase-coining jocksniffer.

I hope he can manage the role.

According to the email invite: “he and his new partners will make an exciting announcement regarding the next chapter in his remarkable career.”

It certainly doesn’t sound like a traditional TV gig, but who knows.

Update: Variety’s Cynthia Littleton, who is connected on the west coast entertainment scene, contacted Olbermann’s reps at ICM. What did they say?

@Variety_Cynthia: “Only guidance is that we shouldn’t assume that it won’t involve TV.”

So let’s see. It might involve TV of some sort; it’s happening two days after the big AOL/HuffPo merger was announced; and Arianna specifically said in her post today about the deal, “Original video? AOL’s just finished building a pair of state-of-the-art video studios in New York and LA, and video views on AOL have gone up 400 percent over the last year.” Olby, of course, is based in New York and has had Arianna on as a guest multiple times. In fact, here’s what Greg Pollowitz of NRO said all the way back on January 21, just an hour or so after Olby announced the end of “Countdown.” Hmmmm:

I would bet Olbermann ends up at the HuffPo, in some new joint venture of sorts where they try to challenge TV

Verdict: I really hope he’s going to “SportsDome.”

Update: The plot thickens:

A Mediaite tipster points out that a simple whois search reveals that the domain names “theolbermannshow.com” and “thekeitholbermannshow.com” were registered January 19th, 2011, just two days before his last appearance on MSNBC.