It begins: First “Mitch Daniels for president” ad now airing

Via Left Coast Rebel, more big news on a day where Pence has already declared himself out and Huntsman seems close to declaring himself in? Nah. This isn’t one of Mitch the Knife’s own spots (he’s still undecided), just an attempt to draft him. Apparently, it’ll be airing in Des Moines during … the Pro Bowl. Yes, that Pro Bowl. An event so loathsome that it and its ads are now a punchline for the Onion’s new ESPN parody. Watch the second clip below and ask yourself which demographic the “Draft Mitch” spot could possibly be aimed at. Frustrated beta-male shut-ins who have nothing better to do on a January afternoon than drink and watch pro football’s worst game? No wonder I dig it.

Speaking of beta males, a new wrinkle in Mitt’s game plan for next year:

Though there is no official campaign, and no strategy decisions have been finalized, Romney’s team has considered running a very different race from the last one. After Romney spent millions of dollars and a huge chunk of time in Iowa, only to finish behind former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, his strategists have spoken with potential consultants about the prospect of skipping Iowa altogether this time and launching a campaign from New Hampshire.

That strategy first came up last summer in conversations with several possible advisers. But it’s not clear how far along the planning has gotten, and sources emphasize that no final decisions have been made.

No mystery as to why. After Huckabee’s win three years ago, whoever Christian conservatives support will be the heavy favorite in the caucuses next time. Why not am-scray if you’re an orman-May and focus on New Hampshire instead? The problem with that strategy: If Huck doesn’t run, Mitt’s actually well positioned in Iowa. He’d still probably lose to Palin, but at the moment they’re tied at 23 percent and he stands to pick up reluctant votes among the “she can’t win” crowd. If he pulled the upset and then, as expected, won in New Hampshire, the race would be all but over by the time South Carolina rolled around. Maybe that’s what’ll end up forcing Huck in — simply the terrible prospect of seeing his archrival run the table.

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