Video: The greatest action sequence of all time

No no, just kidding. It’s actually the second-greatest action sequence of all time; nothing will ever top this. Still, it’s painful to watch something so relentlessly awesome after spending two minutes last night trudging through the generic superhero tedium of “Thor,” knowing that the latter is destined to be a full-length feature but not the former. Is there really no room on the big screen, my friends, for Lego soldiers blowing each other’s heads off? Is there no space for a dark, spare, haunting version of “Yogi Bear” instead of the brain-dead feelgood pap that’ll soon be in theaters? Surely the talents of Hollywood F/X wizards would be better spent on joyously raucous animation like this than on making sure that the leaves on the trees in “Avatar” tremble realistically. There’s an Ant-Man movie on the way, for cripes sake; they can budget $50 million for that but not for a Playmobil remake of “Rambo”? C’mon. It costs 15 bucks to see a movie in Manhattan these days. Gimme my money’s worth.

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Jazz Shaw 1:01 PM on December 09, 2022