Great news: FDA ready to require photos of corpses on cigarette packs

Don’t blame them. It was your elected representatives, in bipartisan fashion, who passed an anti-smoking statute last year requiring the FDA to impose more “graphic” health warnings on cigarette packaging. Evidently putting “you’ll get cancer” on the side of the carton is no longer deemed a sufficient deterrent to lighting one up, so now we’re actually going to thrust photos of putrefying flesh into smokers’ faces in hopes of steering them away. Coming soon, presumably: Mandating special flavor additives to ciggies so that you actually throw up while smoking.

You can see the images they have in mind, section by section, by clicking here and then following the links under the heading “Proposed Graphic Health Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements.” Things really start hopping in the “Smoking can kill you” section, but if you think that’s bad, have a look at the sort of sick-making imagery Brazil puts on their cigarette packs. They look like stills from the set of “Dawn of the Dead.”

We all know where this happy trend is headed; watch the ad below from Nanny Bloomberg’s health department in case you missed it last year. Here’s a label cooked up by a creative Twitter pal to help usher in the new golden age of gross-out disincentives. Slap it on the side of a Happy Meal and you’re good to go — assuming Happy Meals are still legal in your city, that is.

Update: Belated exit question: Does this mean we’re ready for a law requiring pictures of dismembered fetuses on the walls of Planned Parenthood? It’s all about informed choices, after all.