More Behar on Sharron Angle: I can’t believe this bitch sent me flowers

After all the money that Joy raised for her yesterday? C’mon — it was the least she could do.

In response to Joy Behar’s vicious remarks on The View, the Angle campaign sent a lovely flower arrangement with a note enclosed.

“Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle”

Not quite as awesome, perhaps, as the thought of Boehner sippin’ a Slurpee on election night, but darned close. Some people on Twitter are saying that this is the last straw, that it’s time for Barbara to pull the trap door on Behar and find a shrieking liberal for the panel who doesn’t embarrass herself every other day. I’ve been known to make that argument too, but let’s be honest: What would the show be without her? Some pleasant political banter from Barbara, Sherri, and Elisabeth, plus Whoopi chiming in occasionally to spin for one of her Hollywood pals whenever they say something racist or rape a kid. “The View” without Joy would be like those Yankees championship teams in the 70s without Reggie. Face it: She’s the straw that stirs the drink.

Here’s the vid via Mediaite, the highlight of which is Behar reminding Angle that Nevada’s illegal aliens won’t be voting for her next week. Exit question: Does Joy know that illegal aliens can’t vote?